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My Trainings: Team Building, Soft Skill Training and Improvisational Theatre

Practice valuable sets of skills with me, strengthen your team and gain from the techniques of Improv in life.

For teams:

  • Do you want a strong team that works effectively and efficiently together?
  • Do you want your team to have the skills to accept and build upon offers with flexibility and approaches new ideas positively?
  • Do you want to engage with emotions/multiple narratives and overcome the anxieties of taking on risks and losing control?
  • Do you seek a special team experience that combines creativity with productivity?


For Management and Employees:

  • Do you want to tackle situations of distress in a mindful, respectful manner? Do you want to learn how to deal with situations with humour?
  • Do you want to improve your leadership skills? Do you want to want to address issues of power and status through listening with deep focus and the confidence to respond?
  • Do you want to be able to present your ideas more convincingly and with more confidence?
  • Do you want to create a safe space for your employees to unleash their potential with better soft skills?
According to your desires and needs, I offer individually tailored team building courses, soft skill training and improvisational theatre training.

My core components
Team Building

Growing together as a team: experience and exploration lie at the core of my training courses. We learn effective teamwork through the principles of improv, amongst others. Tired of the same old sessions? Choose something out of the ordinary.

Soft Skill Training

Soft skills are key to success. How do we deal with challenges? How convincingly do we present our ideas? How can we instil confidence within our pitches?
Goal-oriented training helps you profit in both your professional and private life.

Improvisational Theatre

The principles of improv are valuable skills to have – on stage, at the workplace and in everyday life. The best about it is:
you can learn them! Improv enables one to be flexible and adaptable to spot opportunities and to let go of what isn’t working.

My experience

In my work as a systemic coach and trainer, I refer to and bring my experiences as a former business consultant and actor of improvisational theatre (known as improv) together. Everyday life requires you to utilise a comprehensive set of skills such as effective teamwork and facing and dealing with unforeseeable, as well as difficult situations. Soft skills and techniques adapted from improv may help us to master professional as well as private challenges successfully. One of my strengths is creating a respectful, safe space in which participants can actively experience leaving their comfort zone. The experience should be long-lasting and enable them to apply the acquired skills in their day to day life.


Fabian is an open-hearted and open-minded person. His calm and confident personality helps him guide a group in an unagitated way. I am always inspired by his enthusiasm about his work and his motivation to try out new methods and formats.

Improtheater-Training - Teilnehmerin

Knowing Fabian as a person and a trainer, his uniqueness lies within the combination of being relaxed and electrifying at the same time. In his trainings this dynamic creates a perfectly comfortable atmosphere for everybody.

Improtheatre-Training - participant

Fabian introduced me to the fine arts of Impro theater. I have since used the methods he taught me in my work with vulnerable people to inspire creativity and connectivity, to promote understanding and enhance personal communication, always with great results and heaps of fun!

Softskill-Training - participant
My clients
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