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About me

About me

During my time as a business consultant, I realised that the harsh world of business and the creative world of improv could complement each other. I brought the best of both worlds together to create workshops that could support and nurture creative business practice and give participants skills they could also use in daily life. One pillar of improv is “yes, and…” encouraging a positive attitude in and outside the workplace. I can attest that practising “yes, and …” can translate into a better mental attitude and a more positive outlook on life.

My way

Upon completing my masters in business and IT, I embarked on a career in international business consulting. I worked for a few years in diverse, international and intercultural organisations. I gathered experiences about how teams work and what processes influence group dynamics. I climbed the career ladder up and was about to be promoted into a high managing position. I should have been ecstatic, but then my life took a turn – I drifted into a depression and I had to reassess my whole life. During that period, I learned a lot about myself and what is essential in my life. These insights are reflected significantly in my work; for example, I aim to improve and build on already existing dispositions and strengths.

Professional changes

Since 2011, I work in project management and also as a certified systemic coach. I deliver workshops and seminars in different companies and NGOs. Improve became one of my passions since I first encountered it in 2010. I realised that I was able to adapt these experiences into my everyday life, both personal and professional.

What is important to me

It is important for me to be able to use and share my toolkit of skills. I would like those I work with to be able to utilise and enjoy the skills I pass on to them, such as working together effectively in a team, facing and dealing with the unexpected and face difficult situations with humour and confidence. Passing on the skills of improvisation for other people to use is a real joy or me. An integral component of my workshops and seminars is to create a safe space in which the participants actively engage with the material in a fun and respectful environment. In this way, we can challenge our comfort zones and bring these experiences into our everyday life.

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