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A dear friend of mine once quoted (free translation): “Humbleness is the courage to let others grow next to you.” She thought it would fit my work, I have to agree!

What improvisational theatre teaches us

In an improv performance, a group of actors play together without a script. Together they create a totally improvised and unique story on the spot. How does it work?

The actors follow a specific set of rules during the improvisation. They have to engage with teamwork at the highest levels and if they play against each other, the play is condemned to fail. The methods allow for spontaneous ideas and the creation of something new out of the impulses provided. These skills derived from improv are essential to success in both professional and private spheres. This is why I borrow from improvisation and pass it on in my training sessions. Improve yourself!

The core principles of improv

How do we work in a team as effectively as possible? How can we react positively and flexibly to unforeseen situations and ideas?

A fundamental principle for successful improvisation and a strong team is to let others shine next to you. In case you do not have an immediate idea, you may rely on the team for help until the ball into your hands. As much as it is a valuable skill for your job, it may also be useful for your private life. We may learn to respond to exceptional ideas with an open “Yes, and …” instead of blocking them with a “Yes, but…”. Giving up control, without knowing what’s next – to embrace the uncertain – may be frightening and it requires courage. Another principle of improv theater, which is also very helpful for appreciative teamwork, is the constructive handling of failures. Because in improv theatre a mistake is always an offer that can be used in a positive way.

What my work constitutes

Over the course of my training sessions, the participants may test and try out their own boundaries in a secure and safe space. It is crucial to create a respectful atmosphere, in which each participant feels supported. Each person becomes an active learner through a high amount of practical activities and exercises. You will discover different perspectives, test unknown behaviours and embrace the new. Additionally, learning sustainably is also about having fun.

By combining the hard skills of the business world and the soft skills and creative techniques of improv, we can produce individual, complementary methods that work for each of us.

I am looking forward to working with you. You are warmly invited to contact me.

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You are warmly invited to contact me.

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