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Team Building

A successful business needs a strong team. My training focuses on team building and development:

How do we work effectively and efficiently together?

Within all my courses, I apply various techniques of improvisation. An essential skill needed in improv is listening. Only by listening can you understand the other person’s goals and objectives. This is the foundation of effective teamwork.

Letting others grow next to you, engaging positively with the ideas presented by others and developing those jointly are just a few of the techniques that we may translate from improv into daily work life. Furthermore, participants can overcome the fear of insecurity, risk-taking and losing control to push the boundaries and eventually break out from one’s comfort zone. I aim to support participants in their individual development as well as overseeing the team as a whole and working together towards a plan of action for the future. The sessions offer a safe space for active engagement.

At the centre of the workshops is the shared experience; trying new things out in a safe and respectful environment where they can learn and – equally important – have fun together.

Framework for effective Team Building

Each business I work with has their own tailored workshops, created by me, to cater to their individual needs. The ideal group size is 6 to 16 participants; I can, however, expand to accommodate bigger groups. According to your needs and bespoke package, workshops can last from half a day up to two days. I can visit you on-site or at an alternative location.

Why not enhance your teamwork in your company and experience a special Team Building session!

What clients say about my team building sessions:

“…His method was very effective. He keeps the group at ease and in a good mood. At the same time he keeps very good control of the dynamic, the timekeeping, and the objectives of each session being achieved. We came out with very concrete outcomes…”

“…Fabian Brüggemann hat unsere Erwartungen übertroffen: Bei unserem Team-Event hat er mit seiner ruhigen, kompetenten und sympathischen Art dafür gesorgt, dass wir gemeinsam lachen und weiter wachsen…”

“…Es war beeindruckend mit welch spielerischen Mitteln man Schlagfertigkeit, den wertschätzenden Umgang miteinander aber auch seine Haltung zu Veränderungen trainieren kann. Das gesamte Team hat enorm viel Spaß gehabt und viel dabei gelernt…”

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